One99 Studios

Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.

Thomas Edison

One99 Studios is an intimate yet powerful analog and digital recording studio located in Voorhees, New Jersey. We have the latest in recording, mixing and mastering software, along with an assortment of vintage keyboards and sound modules. One99 Studios also has a wide selection of high-end boutique microphones, outboard compressors and preamps to provide commercial-quality sound and recordings for music, television and film.

DMG Label – One99 Studios

Our studio also provides access to an array of top-end backline instruments, including but not limited to Taylor, Fender and Ibanez guitars and basses. For amplification, we currently have Mesa Boogie, Vox and Markbass amplifiers, as well as a variety of guitar pedals and effects. One99 Studios additionally has both a Roland V-Drums set, and Tama Starclassic kit with Zildjian cymbals to cover both electric and acoustic drum needs, respectively.

Currently, we are only accepting full EP/LP projects and special invite. Contact us for details!

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